Our guests usually come in a caravan, camper van, tent or rent a cabin with us. As a guest with your own accommodation you can check your local environment and feel as safe in a campsite as at home. As a holiday guest, you have your own, limited area with plenty of air around you. And camping means many experiences outdoors in the fresh air, which is also a safety.



In order to create the greatest possible security for our guests and employees, we have taken the following steps. 



  • All our employees have clear information on the importance of good hand hygiene at work in connection with guest contact, kitchen work, cleaning, toilet visits, meals and other work
  • Public spaces such as service houses are cleaned more often and more accurately.
  • Our guests always have access to soap in the sanitary facilities, and also in all our cottages with bathrooms
  • Regular cleaning is done by door handles, taps and other frequently used surfaces
  • We mark the floor in our stores and receptions to help keep distance from any queues
  • We always disinfect the keys to the cabins after each guest.
  •  Employees who feel sick stay at home

What you can do to reduce the risks to you and others:


  • Avoid visiting public areas of a campsite if you have flu-like symptoms
  • Keep a distance from each other, see instructions on the floor of our stores and receptions
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Avoid touching eyes and face
  • Coughing / sneezing in the arm fold
  • Clean equipment and wipe surfaces after using them, for example in shared kitchens
  • Help us limit the number of visitors on tight spaces, public spaces and in our stores and receptions
  • Take special care if you are over 70 or belong to another risk group


Read more about Covid-19 at folkhälomyndighet.se.

check current travel information at UD.